Desert Living Photography

After retiring to the Phoenix area a few years ago, I decided to help others find their place in the sun.  Such a wonderful area, I just had to share, and I obtained my real estate license.  One thing I discovered was that many realtors tried to cut corners, and many homes were listed without top quality photos.  


As a photographer, I understood the importance of grabbing potential buyers with pro quality photos.  Over time, other realtors started coming to me for their photos, and the rest is history.  Eventually I shifted my focus away from selling, and while I still have my license, my time is now spent photographing.  


Besides real estate listings, I have done photography for AirBnB Plus, Postmates food menus, office buildings, Google Street View, and others. I also love landscape photography, and I invite you to visit my general galleries at


My name is Will, and I am a US Army veteran.  I am easy to work with, and as a retiree, I can accommodate schedules and turnaround times.  I keep my workload manageable.